We blended
Our love of italian wine
With our passion for marketing.

To create
A wine & spirits agency
For the digital age.

That brings
Intelligence, creativity and dedication
To every sale.

The canadian market has evolved

A shift has occurred in how wine & spirits are sold and consumed in the Canadian marketplace. Consumer expectations are greater than ever, “big data” is redefining retail marketing; the Internet is changing consumer behaviour; and new laws & regulations are opening the market to more competition.

The traditional wine-agency approach is inadequate to deal with this new reality.

Think smart.


Be Agile.

AGILE is a marketing-based Wine & Spirits Agency that uses market & consumer knowledge to generate creative solutions that drive sales and notoriety.

About us

AGILE was founded by individuals who love wine and food, and who possesses extensive experience in wine & spirit marketing, communications and sales in Canada.

What does
Agile offer?

AGILE can accompany any producer wishing to launch new products, expand their brand portfolio, or grow the market for existing products.

Market & Consumer Intelligence

AGILE is driven by data. Continuously scrutinizing the numbers – sales, category & market, consumer trends, etc. – we look for insights and opportunities to help us craft relevant marketing strategies that lead to meaningful actions.

Creativity & Innovation

Our marketing-communications experience and expertise allows us to execute strategies with professional ad-agency flair that respects your brand, draws attention and leads to results.


Whether our representatives are merchandising products in store, meeting with bar/restaurant owners, or introducing new products to retailers, Agile ensures your brand story is told with the highest professional standards.

What does Agile offer?

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