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Chiano Conti

Tenuta Gatto produces a single, exceptional wine from a small plot of land located in north-eastern Sicily, on a hillside perched 400 metres above the strait of Messina. A family-owned since the 19th century, this vineyard gives birth every year to a limited quantity of its famous Chiano Conti, a FARO D.O.C. crafted in the purest tradition of this terroir. Grown in an espalier system, this vineyard produces the typical indigenous varietals of this region, Nerello Mascarese, Nerello Capussio and Nero d’Avola, which benefit from exposure to the Sicilian sun and the fresh breeze that comes from the sea. Vine cultivation is based on organic methods that limit as much as possible the use of chemicals and, instead, favour manual pruning that helps both reduce vulnerability to insects and improve the quality of the grapes. Manual harvest. Vinification through temperature-controlled slow maceration. Aging in stainless steel tanks, followed by 12 months in oak barrels, and 6 months in bottle.

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