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Azienda Agricola CERAUDO, Calabria

As one of southern Italy's first advocates of organic agriculture, Roberto Ceraudo has been a pioneer of modern Calabrian winemaking since 1987, when he converted his entire estate to organic farming methods after a terrible accident with a chemical pesticide lead him to completely give up the use of chemicals on his farm.

Today, Ceraudo has become a local legend, renowned for the quality of his wines, olive oil and gastronomic restaurant, and has inspired a new wave of Calabrian vintners who look to him as a visionary and purveyor of superior winemaking practices.

Located in the foothills of southern Calabria, near Marina di Strongoli, Ceraudo’s Contrada Dattilo estate, which includes vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards, extends over 60 hectares that sprawl down toward the deep blue Ionic sea. Growing in chalky clay soils under the powerful rays of the hot summer sun, grapes and olives benefit from day and night temperature variations carried by the sea breeze, creating the perfect conditions for the aromatic maturation of every fruit.

With only 20 hectares dedicated to vineyards, Ceraudo only produces a small number of superior-quality organic wines based mainly on varietals such Gaglioppo and Magliocco for reds and rosés, and Pecorello, Mantonico and Greco Bianco for whites.

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« Vini, cucina gourmet e momenti di charme nel cuore della Calabria più autentica. »

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