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Cantina Miglianico

The Cantina Miglianico cooperative was founded in 1961 thanks to Don Vincenzo Pizzica’s brilliant idea to create an association of farmers that would produce its own wines and help promote the local varietals well beyond the Abruzzo region. The first production bottles hit markets in 1966.

Today, Cantina Miglianico unites some 200 growers and manages over 500 hectares of vineyards located entirely in the Chieti area of the Abruzzo wine region. Dedicated to its native varietals (Trebbiano, Pecorino and Montepulciano), and driven by a passion for quality, Cantina Miglianico has invested massively over the last years to modernize its facilities, convert and restructure its vineyards, and restyle its brands.

Extending from the Adriatic Sea to the Apennine foothills, where the sea breeze conspires with the sun and the soil to create ideal growing conditions, this terroir consistently produces some of the most sought-after wines in the world.

Visit the website of this agricultural cooperative in Abruzzo.

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