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Castagner Distillery

Situated in Italy's Veneto region, on the slopes of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills where Prosecco Superiore is made, The Castagner Distillery, founded by master distiller, Roberto Castagner, pioneers innovative grappas using modern methods and sophisticated high-technology.

Grappa is made from fresh grape skins left over after pressing, and distilled into a remarkable spirit that reflects the terroir, climate and growing practices of the region. In 2017, Castagner introduced an innovative technology that separates the pips and stems from the grape skins, which helps reduce bitter tannins and achieve unparalleled smoothness and fragrance.

Castagner Distillery produces a variety of very refined, high-quality grappas, aged 18 months to 20 years, presented in stylish signature bottles.

Visit the website of this distillery in Veneto.

« Un piacere intenso per chi ama il lusso di concedersi un momento esclusivo. »

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